Pune News : Pune, Khadki, Cantonment board elections to be held on April 30

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Pune News : Pune, Khadki, Cantonment board elections to be held on April 30 

In a recent development, the announcement of Cantonment Board elections in Pune, Khadki, and Dehurod has sparked a flurry of political activities in the region. As per the notification released by the Defence Ministry, the general elections for the Cantonment Boards will be held on April 30.

Elections will be held in 57 Cantonment Boards across the nation. 

With the announcement of the elections, political parties have started to prepare for the elections. It is expected that there will be intense competition among the different parties vying for control over the Cantonment Board.

The residents of the Cantonment area have been facing numerous issues and are deprived of basic amenities in many parts of the region. Despite the presence of multiple activities, projects, and advertisements, the facilities are not visible in reality. Issues such as blocked multi-storey parking, insufficient maternity hospitals, poor condition of parks, internal roads, drinking water, electricity web, and a lack of toilets and encroachments continue to plague the Cantonment area.

The upcoming Cantonment Board elections provide a chance for the residents to elect a representative who can address these issues and work towards the betterment of the area. The political parties have a significant role to play in highlighting and resolving the problems of the region. With the elections just around the corner, the residents of Pune, Khadki, and Dehurod are eagerly waiting to cast their votes and bring about a positive change in their community.

Nividita Kelapure