Pune News : Pune traffic police takes action against 795 violators

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Pune: The traffic police in Pune city have been taking stern action against those violating the norms. Teams of traffic police personnel have been deployed at every corner of the city, and the Pune City Traffic Police Commissioner is also on active mode to ensure that traffic regulations are followed.

In the last fifteen days, the Pune Traffic Police has taken action against 795 people in the city who have violated traffic rules. Police personnel, government employees, lawyers, and journalists have also been caught in the traffic police’s vigilant gaze.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Vijay Kumar Magar said, “As an action against traffic violations, we are not sparing anyone. We are taking action against everyone who is caught violating traffic norms. In the last 15 days, Pune traffic branch has taken action against 392 police officers, for not wearing helmets and not having side mirrors. Along with this, we have taken action against government employees, PMPML drivers, advocates, etc. Not only this, but we have also taken action against 78 luxury car drivers for various reasons.”

Magar went on to state that the traffic police have suspended 254 licenses by March 31. “We will not spare anyone, and strict action will be taken. Of these, most of the licenses suspended are of bullets. We only check the license of motorists when they are caught violating traffic rules such as jumping signal, using mobile phones, etc. 

The police have taken strict action to ensure that traffic rules are followed in the city, and they have urged all motorists to comply with the regulations to avoid being penalized.

Mrunal Jadhav 

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