Pune News : PMC resurfaces road in Mohamadwadi after 8 months of follow up

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There is light at the end of the tunnel. The saying has proven to be true. Pune Municipal Corporation has finally resurfaced the road in Mohammadwadi after 8 months of rigorous follow ups.

The pressure built by Pune Pulse, members of NIBM Undri Road Residents Forum on PMC for 8 months finally succeeded when PMC last night resurfaced the road along the nala near Marvel Sangria in Mohamadwadi.

PMC resurfaced the major potholes on the road between Dorabjee Paradise and Marvel Sangria.

The issue was first taken up by Pune Pulse in June 2022 and since then the follow up for the same continued. The PMC officials also recently informed that the nala side road will soon be concretised and the tender has been floated too for the same and the work order will be issued too and by end of May or mid June the road will be concretised.

Former corporator of NIBM road Nanda Lonkar stated that now, residents won’t suffer inconvenience. The access to NIBM Annexe side now is smooth and pothole free. The road work on NIBM road between Sunshree Kangan and Cloud 9 is undergoing and soon the gradient will be reduced which will help in curbing accidents.

Rohan Gaikwad, president, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, NIBM branch told Pune Pulse the road was in terrible condition and had led to many near fatal accidents. Despite raising the issue with PMC no action was taken up. PMC realised the importance only when thousands of local residents suffered due to road closure on April 3 and saw a huge queue of vehicles lined up at NIBM road.

Parveen Tambe and Prajakta Pethkar from NIBM Undri Road Residents Forum also consistently followed up with the road department officials in PMC for resurfacing as well as finding a permanent solution to the road problem. A one day strike was also held in the area in January 2023 which pushed the authorities in resolving the issue by concretising the road.

When Pune Pulse spoke to the authorities in PMC, they informed that once the Cloud 9 road work is complete, the nala side road near Marvel Sangria will be concretised.

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