Pune News: Residents Along Kondhwa-Pisoli Stretch Demand PMC’s Attention

Pune News: Residents Along Kondhwa-Pisoli Stretch Demand PMC's Attention

Pune News: Residents Along Kondhwa-Pisoli Stretch Demand PMC's Attention

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This outcry underscores the importance of effective municipal maintenance and the need for timely interventions to ensure the safety and convenience of residents and commuters alike.

16 May 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

Residents along the stretch from D Mart near Somji Bus Stop in Kondhwa to Punyadham Ashram in Pisoli have voiced their distress over the deplorable condition of the road, which they claim has been neglected by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) despite repeated requests for repairs. 

According to aggrieved residents, the road’s deterioration began after it was dug up for maintenance or construction work, but it has since been left in a state of disrepair, causing inconvenience and hazards to commuters. The absence of timely resurfacing has exacerbated the situation, with potholes and uneven surfaces becoming breeding grounds for accidents.

Neeta Sharma, a resident of Konark Pooram society, Kondhwa, expressed her difficulties and stated, “The major issue rises in the rainy season due to water accumulation, making it difficult for me to pick up my daughter on a scooter. I have to take a longer route via NIBM due to the direct path being impossible. Along with that, there are numerous potholes on the road for which complaints have been lodged with PMC, but no response has been received. There is a huge safety risk involved, with frequent incidents of people falling due to the poor road conditions.”

Sahebrao Dandage, a PMC official, stated, “We will have to take a look at the situation and then procedures are to be followed in order to fix the road. It is not an easy task as we need to follow protocols.” 

Expressing their frustration, locals alleged that the PMC has seemingly forgotten about the vital need to resurface the road, despite assurances made in the past. The deteriorating condition not only affects daily commuters but also poses challenges for emergency services and businesses operating along the route.