Pune News : Truck Gets Stuck on Chandani Chowk Flyover, Causes Temporary Traffic Disruption

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On August 1st, at 8 am, a large truck found itself trapped on the side barricade of the Chandani Chowk flyover, leading to a temporary traffic disruption.

Sunil Jaitapurkar, the Police Inspector of Warje Malwadi Police Station, informed Pune Pulse about the incident, stating that a massive truck got stuck on the side barricade of Chandani Chowk flyover during the morning hours.

The situation caused significant disturbance to the flow of traffic. However, upon receiving the information, the police team promptly rushed to the scene and successfully cleared the truck.

According to Jaitapurkar, a crane was employed to separate the truck from the barricade, ultimately restoring normal traffic flow on Chandani Chowk.

As of now, the reason behind the truck getting stuck remains unknown. Fortunately, no accidents or injuries were reported due to the incident.

Authorities are likely to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident to prevent similar situations in the future and ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic on the flyover.