Pune : Osho devotees denied entry in Koregaon Park’s Osho Ashram

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Pune: Osho devotees were banned by the ashram management (Osho International Foundation) from entering the samadhi place at Osho Ashram at Koregaon park on the occasion of Acharya Osho Rajneesh’s 33rd death anniversary on January 19.

Even though the Bombay High Court has stated that the devotees cannot be prevented from visiting the Samadhi, the management is not allowing, allege devotees.  They protested against the management in front of the ashram gate on Thursday to show their displeasure. 

Swami Chaitanya Kirti, a former trustee of the Osho International Foundation and editor of ‘Osho World’ said, “Acharya Rajneesh aka Osho’s samadhi is our place of worship. It is our right to visit his Samadhi. No one can stop us from entering the ashram. Even the Bombay High Court has directed that no devotee should be prevented from visiting the samadhi.”

She added, “Osho’s birth and death place, his mausoleum is in India. He spent most of his time in India. However, Westerners have the recognition rights to Osho’s intellectual property, books, audio tapes, audio tapes and trust property. Osho International headquarters in Zurich and all the benefits are taken there.”

Many restrictions are being imposed on the devotees without allowing Osho’s thoughts to reach the people. All the money from the literature is being siphoned off to foreign countries who claim the rights of Osho’s intellectual property. Indian Osho Ashrams especially the Ashram in Pune do not get any income from it. No. On the contrary, they are showing their dominance over the management here. There is an attempt to sell the property of the ashram. This is a conspiracy to end Osho’s thoughts, alleged Osho devotees.

There was no response from the spokesperson or the management of Osho Ashram despite repeated attempts.  

Mrunal Jadhav

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