Pune : Osho International organizes monsoon festival of music and meditation

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By: Pune Pulse

August 18, 2023

Pune: Osho Meditation and Music Monsoon Festival was organized by Osho International, Pune, from August 11 to 15, in which thousands of Osho lovers from India and abroad participated in meditation, dance, music, fun, enthusiasm, celebration, and joy. Many colourful programmes were organized on this occasion.

The objective of the festival is to spread the teachings of Osho, Osho meditation experiments, and Osho meditation therapy, as well as to invite artists, singers, musicians, and poets of the country on one stage to reach Osho lovers so that they can get rid of the stress and everyday problems of their lives.  A break from our daily lives to work on our body, mind, and emotions and spend a few days in joy, peace, and celebration through this festival.

The OSHO Monsoon Festival got off to a grand, spectacular, and beautiful start with the Indian classical singer duo Nirali and Karthik enthralling the audience for about two hours, they presented Kabir’s verses as well as Gujarati folk songs, which the Osho lovers present danced to and enjoyed.

First-time Osho Resort Eye Nirali shares her experience, “Everything has a magical feel at Osho International Meditation Resort, peacocks are speaking; music is emanating from even the bamboo trees. I am very happy to be here. Here, everyone feels happiness reflected on their faces, which is unique in today’s world.”

On the evening of August 12, famous flute player Bikramjit Singh, along with the members of his music band ‘Naad Brahma, immersed themselves in music and danced to his mesmerizing tunes. This band has been performing at Osho International for many years, and every year Osho lovers wait for their performance. It is noteworthy that Bikramjeet has been nominated for a Grammy Award.

The evening of August 13 was ‘Sufiana’ (Apni Dilksh).

Decorated with Sufi singing, eminent young singer Prithvi Gandharva, along with his music group, enthralled the audience till late at night with melodious ghazals and Sufi songs. Prithvi also came to the Osho resort for the first time and said that he has been listening to and reading Osho since his youth and that he is very happy to come here. He and his singing feel a connection with the meditation experiments that Osho has given us. Meditation and music complement each other.

The next evening, four famous satire poets of the country, Surendra Sharma, Aash Karan Atal, Arun Jaimini, and Chirag Jain, came to get ‘Kah Kahe’ at the comedy poet conference. Impressed by Osho’s teachings, these four poets forced Osho’s listeners to laugh with their jokes, humorous punches, humorous poems, and sharp sarcasm arrows. Padma Shri Surendra Sharma said that Osho certainly did not write poems like poets, but his every book is a poem, and every word of his speech is a poem.

The special attraction of this programme was the world-famous Bhajan Emperor Anup Jalota, who enjoyed the Kavi Sammelan sitting in the audience. Earlier, Jalota mesmerized the audience with his singing in the Osho Plaza Auditorium and also made everyone laugh with his humorous stories. Anoop, who came with his brother Ajay Jalota, said, “ This is a place where you can know yourself. From where you are connected to how you can understand yourself, these are the places where you become free after coming here. I have enjoyed myself here for two days, and you can also come here and enjoy this spiritual bliss.”

The concluding night of the Osho Festival was organized on August 15: Meditators Got Talent, in which Osho lovers and 25 artists from all over India participated and entertained Osho lovers by presenting their songs, their dance, their poetry, and their music on the stage. A young actor from Punjabi films, Dharminder Bani, was the special attraction of this programme.

Madhupriya Dhanwate