Pune : Pitbull pet dog fiercely bites man in Parvati 

Pune : Pitbull pet dog fiercely bites man in Parvati

Pune : Pitbull pet dog fiercely bites man in Parvati (Representational Image )

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In the Lakshmi Nagar area of Parvati, a shocking incident happened when the complainant Rohit Mallappa Shinge’s neighbor & accused Ganesh Merurkar provoked his Pitbull dog to attack him over a small disagreement about using a leash to control the dog.

As per further information from the FIR accessed by Pune Pulse, Ganesh Merurkar, who lives nearby to complainant Rohit Shinge in Lakshmi Nagar area at Parvati, has a Pitbull dog. Rohit had frequently seen the accused Merurkar let loose his Pitbull dog & roam around freely, threatening the people in the area. The people had requested Merurkar to put a leash on his dog but he didn’t listen.

The FIR continues to say that on 21st January (Sunday) at 10 pm, complainant Rohit Shinge heard voices of many kids running around in their locality as the Pitbull dog was roaming around freely. He saw Merurkar abusing the kids, asking them why are they creating a commotion. When Shinge saw this, he told Merurkar to immediately put a leash on the dog. Firstly, Merurkar abused Shinge & told him to stay out of this. However, when Shinge went towards Merurkar to confront him, Merurkar caught him & twisted his wrist. At that time, he signaled his dog to bit Shinge, so the dog fiercely bit Shinge’s right thigh 2 times due to which a lot of blood came out of Shinge’s thigh. Shinge’s wrist has also been fractured.

Hence, Rohit Shinge has registered an FIR against Ganesh Merurkar.

The Parvati Police have booked Ganesh Merurkar under Sections 289, 325, 504 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Further investigation into the case is going on.

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