Pune : PMC takes action as citizens raise concern about mosquito tornado causing health concern in Kharadi – Mundhwa

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The Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC) under the leadership of Dr Suryakant Deokar, Assistant Health Officer of PMC has initiated a drive to eliminate the issue of mosquitoes in Kharadi. It is reported that the main cause of mosquito menace is breeding spots by water hyacinth. 

The fogging operation has been started since Saturday 10th February 2024 and will continue for the next 10-15 days.

Due to the presence of mosquitoes, residents started complaining about discomfort and health concerns, towards which PMC took action.

Dr Suryakant Deokar said, “Along with the environment department actions are being taken to completely tackle the issue of hyacinth due to which mosquitoes are emerging. As a precautionary action, through a vehicle-mounted machine and other small machines fogging is being done continuously in the residential areas and societies nearby every day including Sunday. If the issue does not end within the next 15 days, with the help of drones hyacinths will be eliminated by putting medicines on them.

The residents are requested to take precautions by themselves as well by moving out as little as possible.

Moreover, water hyacinth has also grown in the Mundhwa area next to Kharadi. The reason is said to be the growing pollution in water.

Moreover, with the beginning of the work,  some of the water hyacinth has been removed as the upstream of Mutha River flows downstream and gets stuck in the river stretch near Kharadi.

Manasi Patil 

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