Pune : PMC to rent 94 e-cars; proposes outlay of Rs 27 crores for next 5 years

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Pune Municipal Corporation To Set Up Seven New Food Plazas to Tackle Illegal Eatery Issues

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has proposed spending ₹ 27 crore to rent out 94 electric cars to officials and employees for the next 5 years.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Jayant Bhosekar, Deputy Commissioner, Motor Vehicles Department, PMC, said “The proposal for the renting of electric cars has been sent to the standing committee. Once the resolution is passed, work orders will be placed & the required e-cars will be rented.”

Jayant Bhosekar further said that already there are 58 e-cars with the PMC. The PMC is planning to rent more e-cars as part of the eco-transport initiative.

According to the recommendation of Maharashtra State EV policy, starting in January 2022, all cars leased by the government for official purposes should be electric.

As part of the modernization process, the PMC Motor Vehicles Department will be leasing 24 SUVs and 70 four-seater sedans in addition to gradually discontinuing Ambassador cars.

The majority of PMC’s 1,078 vehicles are older than eight years old. Only one company has expressed interest in renting out e-cars for the city staff, despite the department having twice invited tenders for this purpose. The civic body asked the company to submit a lower bid, which it accepted, after the company suggested an 18% increase in rental fees.

Meanwhile Vivek Velankar, President, Sajag Naagrik Manch, Pune, said “Renting cars/vehicles is always expensive & that too for everyday use. Usually, we rent cars when we have to travel somewhere & would require to rent a car for some days. However, if we have to commute every day, then we purchase the vehicle, right? In this case too, why isn’t the PMC purchasing cars & renting them? If the PMC doesn’t have enough money, purchase the cars with the option of EMI, which is affordable. However, this renting is a sheer waste of taxpayers’ money.”

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