Pune : PMC to use drones to spray pesticides over hyacinth to control mosquito menace

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The use of drones for spraying pesticides on water hyacinths and controlling mosquito infestations is a novel and innovative approach by the Pune Municipal Corporation. Water hyacinths are a major problem in many bodies of water, and their removal is essential to prevent the growth of mosquitoes and the spread of diseases. The use of drones for this purpose will not only make the process more efficient but also reduce the costs and the environmental impact of traditional methods.

The pilot project starting at Katraj Lake and expanding to other areas of the Mula-Mutha riverbed will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of this method. If successful, it can be expanded to other parts of the city and become a standard practice for controlling water hyacinths and mosquito infestations.

It is commendable that the PMC has allocated a dedicated budget for this programme, which shows their commitment to finding innovative solutions to civic problems. It is essential to continue investing in such initiatives to improve the quality of life in cities and protect public health.

The pilot project will begin at Katraj Lake and cover the entire Mula –Mutha riverbed and its interiors starting from Rajaram Bridge, Sanamwadi, Patil Estate, Bund Garden and Mundhwa Jackwell area. PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar has sanctioned a specially dedicated budget for the spraying programme, which is slated to start next week.