Pune : PMPML requests for space for 9 depots to PMRDA 

Pune : PMPML requests for space for 9 depots to PMRDA

Pune : PMPML requests for space for 9 depots to PMRDA ( Representational Image )

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Pune : PMPML requests for space for 9 depots to PMRDA The Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) is grappling with revenue losses due to the need to send empty buses into the city every morning and back at night. To address this issue, PMPML has asked the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) for nine new depots, with a priority on four areas: Wakad, Ravat, Moshi, and Bhosari.

Explaining the situation, a PMPML official highlighted the importance of reducing the number of empty buses by establishing depots on the outskirts of the city. This strategic move would allow buses to start from these depots in the morning, pick up passengers in the city, and return to the suburbs at night, thereby minimizing empty runs.

Currently, all of PMPML’s depots are situated within the city limits, leading to operational inefficiencies. With approximately 12 to 13 lakh passengers commuting daily, many from the suburbs and PMRDA areas, the need for strategically located depots is crucial.

The PMPML has requested space for nine depots from the PMRDA, emphasizing the necessity of at least five acres of land for each depot. This move aims to optimize operations and reduce financial losses.

Last year, the PMRDA paid ₹187 crore for PMPML services within its limits, but this year’s payment is pending.
Furthermore, PMPML utilizes some of PMRDA’s spaces for parking and depots, incurring significant costs.

Therefore, the establishment of new depots on the outskirts of Pune is essential to streamline PMPML’s operations and cut down on revenue losses caused by empty buses. The cooperation between PMPML and PMRDA is crucial to address these challenges and ensure efficient public transportation services for commuters across the region.

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