Viral Post: Mumbai Woman’s outrageous marriage demands spark online backlash

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A 37-year-old woman from Mumbai has stirred controversy online after her matrimonial expectations, including a demand for a prospective husband earning at least Rs 1 crore annually, were shared on social media.

The woman, whose family income is reportedly Rs 4 lakhs, has faced widespread criticism for her seemingly extravagant requirements.

The viral post, shared on ‘X’ by user @Ambar_SIFF_MRA, showcased the woman’s specific criteria for her potential life partner. Alongside expectations for the man to possess his own home in Mumbai and to be a non-widower, the woman’s list of prerequisites took a startling turn. She insisted on her future spouse being highly educated, such as an MBBS surgeon or a Chartered Accountant with their firm, or holding a senior position in any other field. Furthermore, the man’s income was expected to be a minimum of Rs 1 crore annually.

The woman’s demands didn’t stop there. She also expressed a preference for her partner to be willing to live abroad, particularly in Europe, with Italy being the preferred destination.

The audacious nature of the woman’s expectations has led to widespread backlash and trolling on social media. Many have criticized her for setting unrealistic standards and questioned the rationale behind her demands, especially considering her own family’s modest income.

Mixed reactions from users in comments on the post read: 

“Nothing wrong in this. Everyone has a right to cho(o)se. She has right to cho(o)se her groom. Likewise, men has right to reject her,’ quipped one user.

“As per IT data, only 1.7 lakh people have an income higher than 1 Cr in India. So her chance of finding her “dream” man is 0.01% at 37 yrs of age” remarked another, injecting a dose of statistical reality. 

A third user, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, suggested, “Ek baar Shak Tank mein pitch karna chahiye.” 

And a fourth astutely pointed out, “Seems is on a shopping spree. No where qualities of groom are mentioned like understanding, calm, family-oriented, etc. Just price, post-money

While it’s common for individuals to have preferences when searching for a life partner, the extreme nature of this woman’s requirements has left many on the internet in shock and disbelief. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining realistic expectations in the quest for a compatible partner.

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