Pune : PMRDA Proposes 15 Flyovers, 2 Railway Flyovers, and 5 Tunnels

The Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) is making substantial progress in the development of Pune’s infrastructure with the completion of the comprehensive project report for the ring road.

The proposed ring road, spanning a total length of 128 kilometers, will be equipped with fifteen flyovers, two railway flyovers, and five tunnels. PMRDA has taken a significant step forward by submitting land acquisition proposals for the initial five-kilometer stretch between Solu, Nirgudi, and Vadgaon Shinde near Lohegaon to the district administration, marking the commencement of the project’s first phase.

Ramdas Jagtap, the Public Relations Officer and Deputy Collector of PMRDA, shared, “The detailed project report (DPR) for the ring road is in its final stage. The initial focus will be on the five-kilometer stretch between Solu and Vadgaon Shinde, for which land acquisition proposals have been submitted to the district administration. The revised cost of the ring road has also been recently approved.”

However, the process of land acquisition is expected to present challenges, particularly due to existing structures along the proposed route. These obstacles, along with other factors, may lead to an increase in project costs. PMRDA acknowledges the opposition to the ring road project and the government’s hesitance in providing funding.

PMRDA has obtained approval from the state government to construct a 65-meter wide ring road, and a consulting company has been appointed to prepare the project report. Survey work and report preparation have now reached their final stages, according to PMRDA.

Key features of the proposed ring road include:
Fifteen flyovers, two railway flyovers, and five tunnels
In the first phase, the priority lies in developing the five-kilometer stretch between Solu and Vadgaon Shinde. Land acquisition proposals for this segment have been prepared and forwarded to the District Collector for approval. PMRDA intends to promptly initiate the land acquisition process for this area.
Total length of 128 kilometers, with approximately 88 kilometers falling under PMRDA’s jurisdiction and the remaining 40 kilometers under MSRDC’s jurisdiction
The Pune Municipal Corporation will oversee the construction of the 5.70-kilometer stretch passing through its jurisdiction

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