Pune Police commissioner meets with owners of hotels and bars, fresh guidelines to be released soon 

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Pune Police commissioner meets with owners of hotels and bars, fresh guidelines to be released soon

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In an important development, Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar met with delegates from several hotel associations, such as the United Hospitality Association (UHA) and the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI).

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the concerns expressed by the hospitality industry regarding Commissioner Kumar’s orders, which were issued on February 19th under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) and which had an impact on rooftop establishments, restaurants, bars, and pubs located throughout the city.

Hoteliers complained about a number of things, mostly the operational difficulties brought on by the new directive. A number of noteworthy issues were brought up during the meeting, such as the complete prohibition of hookahs, strict CCTV coverage requirements (apart from restrooms), and police interventions into music systems at 10 p.m. Hoteliers pleaded with the Police Commissioner to re-evaluate the ban on herbal hookahs, pointing out that they comply with regulations set forth by the state government and are well-liked by club and bar patrons.

The Police Commissioner gave assurances during the meeting, saying that businesses could now wrap up and close their doors before two in the morning. In addition, unless a complaint is received, police presence for routine checks will be postponed until 1:45 am.

Commissioner Amitesh Kumar requested hotel associations’ cooperation in response to worries about possible drug-related activities in the nightlife sector. He asked them to report any instances of drug sales by bouncers or managers as soon as possible. Additionally, he urged them to report any bar that is running without a valid alcohol license.

Commissioner Amitesh Kumar promised a comprehensive review and revision of the current 144 section order after March 4th, acknowledging the difficulties faced by the hospitality industry.

Regarding the herbal hookah, he stated that the concerns and recommendations of the parties involved will be taken into consideration when the revised order is issued.