Pune police commissionerate to get a new building soon

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The Pune Police Commissionerate will soon be getting a new state-of-the-art building that has been given the green light by the State’s Home Department.  With a budget of Rs. 193.80 crore approved, the stage is set for modernization by increasing the number of buildings within the Commissionerate’s premises.

As per information, the new buildings are required as Pune is expanding rapidly stretching the existing infrastructure to its limits.

The current facility, unable to cope with the demands of modern policing, has faced delays in obtaining approvals and funding for the new construction. However, with the budget estimate of Rs. 242.99 crore submitted and subsequently approved by the Chief Secretary’s office, progress is now imminent.

Before starting construction of the new building, technical clearance from the Public Works Department is essential. Until this clearance is obtained and the necessary funds allocated, construction cannot commence, causing some delay in the project timeline.

The approval of the budget marks significance in the journey towards improving the infrastructure

of the Pune Police Commissionerate. Once completed, the new building will provide modern facilities to accommodate the growing personnel and support efficient policing operations in the expanding city.

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