Pune : Poor road conditions at Gold Adlabs Chowk troubles Kalyani Nagar residents

Pune : Poor road conditions at Gold Adlabs Chowk troubles Kalyani Nagar residents

Pune : Poor road conditions at Gold Adlabs Chowk troubles Kalyani Nagar residents

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Residents of Kalyani Nagar are irked by several issues adversely affecting the daily lives of residents and passersby at Gold Adlabs Chowk in Kalyani Nagar.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Monica S, resident of Kalyani Nagar said, “As a resident of Kalyani Nagar, I am appalled by the state of the ‘ugly corner’ at Gold Adlabs Chowk. Every day, I witness the struggles of pedestrians navigating through the area, especially seniors and people with disabilities. The broken drainage, uncleaned flex, and overflowing dustbins pose serious health risks and create an eyesore. Despite numerous complaints, the PMC has failed to take effective action, leaving us feeling ignored and frustrated. It’s time for the authorities to take responsibility and restore our neighbourhood’s pride.”

Rachna Agarwal, another resident of Kalyani Nagar said, “Infrastructure is pathetic. Broken footpaths, broken roads, nothing is streamlined. Traffic chaos is there. Police hawaldars come very rarely to manage. At night after 6:30 pm, there is massive traffic jams. Overall, there is complete chaos.”

As per further information from Kalyani Nagar residents,

·         Broken Drainage Systems: The lamentable state of the area is most evident in the condition of its drainage systems. A total of five broken drains contribute to stagnant water, creating unhygienic conditions that pose health risks to the public.

·         Uncleaned Flex as a Symbol of Neglect: A prominent flex, left uncleaned for years, is emblematic of the overall decay in the area. This neglect not only mars the aesthetic appeal but also raises questions about the commitment to basic maintenance.

·         Overflowing Dustbins: The public dustbins in the vicinity are consistently overflowing, leading to the spillage of waste onto the streets. This presents not only an eyesore but also a hazard for pedestrians, especially senior citizens who navigate the area regularly.

·         Unsafe Walking Conditions: The cumulative effect of broken drains, unattended flex, and overflowing dustbins creates an unsafe environment for pedestrians. This is particularly troubling for senior citizens, who face challenges in navigating the deteriorating conditions.

·         PMC’s Online Complaint Closure: Concerned citizens have filed numerous complaints online with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), seeking redressal for the deteriorating conditions at Gold Adlabs Chowk. Unfortunately, the closure of these complaints without tangible improvements raises questions about the effectiveness of the online grievance resolution system.

Manohar Mali, Junior Engineer, PMC, said, “Concretizing work is on at road under proposed Kalyani Nagar metro station. Drainage works, footpath works, etc are also going on in the area.”

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