Pune Porsche Car Crash Involving Minor Leads To Multiple Arrests And CCTV Tampering Concerns

Pune Porsche Case: Sixth FIR Filed Against Vishal Surendra Kumar Agarwal for Cheating Nancy Bramha Society Owners

Pune Porsche Case: Sixth FIR Filed Against Vishal Surendra Kumar Agarwal for Cheating Nancy Bramha Society Owners

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The tragic Porsche Accident Case of Pune’s Kalyani Nagar, involving a minor that led to the deaths of two software engineers, the Yerawada police have revealed new details about the events leading up to the crash and the subsequent investigation.

According to police reports, the minor, who was driving the Porsche, had visited two pubs with friends in the early hours of Sunday, spending approximately Rs 78,000 on drinks and food. The minor, despite being intoxicated, was allowed to drive the car after his father instructed the driver to vacate the driving seat.

The incident has resulted in the registration of two separate FIRs: one against the minor for causing the accident and another against the pubs for serving alcohol to an underage individual and for violations under the Motor Vehicle Act and the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act, 2015. There were four individuals in the car at the time of the crash, including the driver and two friends of the accused.

The police have arrested six individuals connected to the case:

Vishal Surendra Kumar Agarwal (50): Father of the minor and a construction businessman.

Naman Prahlad Bhutada (25): Owner of Cosie Pub.

Sachin Ashok Katkar (35): Owner of Blak Pub.

Sandeep Ramesh Sangale (35): Employee at Blak Pub.

Nitesh Dhanesh Shewani (34): Blak’s bar counter manager.

Jayesh Satish Gawkar (23): Resident of Keshavnagar.

Vishal Agarwal, who initially fled, was arrested in Sambhajinagar and produced before the court, where he was remanded to police custody until Friday. All six suspects were subsequently presented before special judge SP Ponkshe.

In court, it was disclosed that the minor left the Agarwal bungalow at night in the car. Police have seized the bungalow’s CCTV footage for further investigation, amid fears that the footage might have been tampered with to obstruct the inquiry. 

Vishal Agarwal’s mobile phone was also seized and will be analyzed by cyber experts to uncover additional details.

Public prosecutors emphasized that the investigation has been revealing new facts, warranting additional police custody for the suspects. 

However, the court remanded the suspects to judicial custody for 14 days, prompting defense counsels SK Jain, Sudhir Shah, Amol Dange, and Prashant Patil to file for bail.

The investigation uncovered that the minor and his friends spent Rs 47,042 at Cosie Pub, paid in cash. They left the pub at 2:11 a.m. The total expenditure at both pubs amounted to Rs 78,000.

This case highlights serious concerns about underage drinking, parental responsibility, and the safety of road users, prompting a rigorous investigation and legal scrutiny.