Pune Pubs Deserted Following Porsche Incident

Pune Pubs Deserted Following Porsche Incident

Pune Pubs Deserted Following Porsche Incident

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PUNE, May 29, 2024 – Pubs and clubs in Pune have seen a significant drop in patronage following the tragic Porsche accident where a 17-year-old, under the influence of alcohol, caused the death of two software engineers. The incident has led to increased scrutiny and enforcement of Maharashtra’s legal drinking age, which is 25.

Once the epicenter of lively parties and social gatherings, Pune’s nightlife scene is now noticeably quieter. 

Entrepreneur Chirag Barjatya shared videos on social media showing empty clubs and pubs, noting that the usual crowd of high school and college students are no longer being allowed entry. He stated, “Pune clubs are empty. The crowd that used to party the most (high school kids and college kids) are not even being allowed to enter. They have stopped serving alcohol in the clubs except near the bar area. Even 40-50 year old people are being asked to show IDs for entry.”

The incident in question involved a minor who spent Rs 48,000 at a pub before driving his luxury car and fatally hitting two pedestrians on May 19. This has prompted a stricter adherence to the law, with clubs now rigorously checking IDs and denying entry to anyone under the legal drinking age of 25. The crackdown has been widely noted on social media, with many confirming the new, stricter enforcement.

While some people have welcomed these changes as necessary, others remain skeptical, suggesting that the stringent measures may only be temporary and that things could revert to the old ways in a few weeks.

In the meantime, Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar clarified that the minor was fully aware of his actions at the time of the incident. “He (minor accused) was in his senses. It was not as if all of them were so drunk that they could not understand anything. They had full knowledge that due to their conduct, an incident like section 304 can happen,” he stated.

The minor has been placed in an observation home until June 5, and his father, a prominent builder, has also been arrested in connection with the case. This incident has undoubtedly cast a long shadow over Pune’s nightlife, prompting a reevaluation of safety and legal compliance within the city’s entertainment venues.