Pune : Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park implements measures to beat the heat  

Pune : Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park implements measures to beat the heat

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As the summer heat climbs towards a scorching 39 degrees Celsius, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park is gearing up with new measures to keep its animal residents cool and comfortable.

With 57 species totalling 435 animals, including birds, mammals, and reptiles, special arrangements have been made to beat the heat.

The dedicated animal handlers at the park have developed strong bonds with the creatures under their care. They ensure that each species receives the necessary attention and care to withstand the soaring temperatures. For the park’s two elephants, Mira and Janki, a refreshing bath twice a day helps shield them from the burning sun. Additionally, a pool has been created for them to relax and stay cool throughout the day.

The tigress, three tigers (including one white tiger), leopards, and lions are provided relief with a unique sprinkler fogging system installed on the cage ceiling. This system, along with coolers and wall-mounted fans, creates a soothing mist to cool the interiors of these majestic cats. To prevent conflicts, the striped big cats are released into their enclosures one at a time.

For the birds and other animals, pools and drinking water ponds have been strategically placed in all enclosures to ensure they stay hydrated and comfortable. The staff at Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park spare no effort in ensuring the well-being of their animal family members, especially during the harsh summer months.

With these measures in place, the park remains a sanctuary where animals can thrive despite the sweltering heat. Visitors can rest assured that the creatures they encounter are receiving the utmost care and attention, thanks to the dedicated team at Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park.

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