Indian Jugaad: IndiGo passenger goes viral for ingenious use of headrest cover as eye mask

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A recent photo shared on social media has captured the attention of netizens, depicting an IndiGo airline passenger’s innovative use of the airline’s headrest cover as an eye mask during a mid-flight nap. 

The image, posted by a user named “Backpacking Daku” on X, quickly gained traction online, showcasing the passenger wearing the headrest cover as an improvised eye mask, complete with spectacles positioned atop to prevent slippage.

The photo sparked amusement and admiration among social media users, with many marvelling at the passenger’s resourcefulness. 

One user commented wittingly, “Ye hi wo 2024 k chacha chowdry hai ?”

Some users humorously suggested that IndiGo should now provide free eye masks for all economy seat passengers, given the makeshift solution adopted by the traveller.

While some individuals raised concerns about the hygiene implications of using the thin headcover as an eye mask, others applauded the passenger’s “jugaad” spirit, a term commonly used in India to describe innovative makeshift solutions.

The identity of the man in the photo remains unknown, and the X user who shared the image did not disclose the destination of the flight. 

Additionally, many users jokingly remarked about the possibility of budget airlines charging passengers for utilizing the headrest cover for unintended purposes.

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