Pune : Residents in Kalyani Nagar and Wadgaon Sheri spend sleepless nights due to noisy nightclubs

Pune Pulse
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June 16, 2023, Pune: The residents of Kalyani Nagar and Wadgaon Sheri are having sleepless nights owing to the loud music and nuisance from the nearby rooftop restaurants and nightclubs.

Despite raising the issue numerous times, there has been no solution so far. As a result, the residents wrote to Pune Pulse complaining about the restaurants and nightclubs that are operational in the area.

The residents urged that all the relevant authorities should conduct an inspection and see whether the owners are operating with proper licenses. They said that the license of the respective rooftop restaurants and nightclubs should be cancelled. They also requested that the police should take strict action against them.

The issues which the residents are facing are highlighted below:

 1) Loud Noise / Music: The rooftop restaurants and nightclubs operate late into the night till early morning hours playing loud music. Thus, violating the Supreme Court ruling on decibel levels and time limits, causing great distress to residents living around the erring establishments. As a result, the loud noise is causing several health hazards such as sleep apnea, temporary deafness etc among the residents living nearby. 

 2) Operational Hours: As per information, these establishments stay open till late in the night and continue to serve alcohol beyond the permissible timings. Despite numerous complaints, the police have failed to take any action. 

 3) Fire Hazard: Restaurants use firecrackers and possess a high risk of fire incidents. Thus, It is important to immediately conduct fire audits at these restaurants.

4)Customers: Customers who come in flour wheelers again play loud music in their vehicles on the road. It attracts a lot of antisocial elements.

5)Illegal rooftop restaurants: As per the residents, the restaurants did not take a ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) from the nearby societies. The residents also attached video proofs from the restaurant’s own Instagram id with loud music playing in the background.

6) The residents also complained that the police officials sent recommendations to the civic body and the excise department for license cancellation of the clubs. Still, no action was taken by the authorities against the rooftop clubs.

7) Moreover, the residents alleged that the bars and restaurants serve alcohol and hookah to underage patrons. They have also seen inappropriate behaviour of the customers in a drunken state. They alleged that the sale and consumption of banned drugs are also rampant in the quiet bylanes adding that if the residents complain, then the owners of the restaurants threaten them. Additionally, the customers carry the alcohol outside and continue drinking till early morning. Many groups also involve themselves in street fights leading to security issues. They added that there is a sense of fear among the women residing in the nearby properties.

Recently there was a case where a young boy was severely beaten up by the goons and he had to hide to save his life. There is an increase in violence and hence these commercial establishments have to be taken to task and punished severely. They added that the owners of these restaurants have zero respect for the law as they have been repeatedly committing offences from the time they started the restaurant.