Pune : Residents irked over increasing traffic woes on Aundh Road in Khadki

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Plagued with various issues related to traffic, residents of Aundh Road had a meeting with Khadki Traffic Division on Wednesday. 

They highlighted various issues and demanded speed breakers and P1 and P2 parking facilities to avoid accidents and traffic snarls. 

In response to their plea, Prakash Masalkar, police inspector of the Khadki Traffic Department held a meeting with the residents, assuring them of a resolution to the traffic problem.

Samuel Mathew, a resident, expressed worry about individuals driving on footpaths during traffic congestions, hindering pedestrian movement. “Moreover, the absence of speed breakers has resulted in vehicles speeding on the road, posing a threat to those crossing. Pedestrian fear of accidents and are discouraged from stepping out.” he said.

 Residents have also highlighted encroachments on footpaths as another important issue.

Imanuel Sorte, a resident of Aundh Road, emphasized the gravity of the traffic situation and the challenges faced by pedestrians attempting to cross the road due to speeding vehicles. In a letter submitted to the traffic department, Sorte requested the installation of speed breakers from Ambedkar Chowk to Aundh Road to regulate vehicle speed and enhance control.

The residents have also submitted two letter to traffic department, emphasizing the residents’ demand for speed breakers and P1 and P2 parking facilities. Concerns related to traffic have also been discussed with Corporator Prakash Dhore and relevant traffic department officials. 

When asked Corporator Prakash Dhore, he confirmed that a letter requesting speed breakers and parking facilities has been forwarded to Traffic DCP Vijay Magar. DCP Magar assured them that he will communicate the letter to the PMC and work towards resolving the traffic issues.

Khadki Traffic Police Inspector Prakash Masalkar explained that due to ongoing metro work on Ganeshkhind Road, a significant portion of the traffic has been diverted to Aundh Road resulting more traffic. He informed about the ongoing process to obtain permission to install speed breakers from the PMC. He also mentioned that the parking proposal has received mixed responses from the residents, with some supporting its implementation and others expressing opposition.