Pune : Residents of Sun Enclave Society Troubled by Broken Divider Turned Garbage Dumping Spot

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The residents of Sun Enclave Society are facing an issue with a broken divider along the riverside road which has transformed it into a passage for the disposal of garbage directly into the riverbed, exacerbating pollution concerns. Furthermore, the area has become a spot for public urination, posing health hazards.

A resident of Sun Enclave Society, Aditya Kudale said, ” A metal roadside divider has been installed to restrict people from accessing the river bed. Now that it is broken, vehicles are dumping garbage over there and has become a spot for public urination which is irking the residents staying nearby. It is just 100-200 meters away from our place.”

Another resident, Ketaki Viadya said, “It is very unpleasant to see this every day and cause trouble to the residents of the society. I hope this issue is solved as soon as possible.”

To this, Sandeep Kadam, Deputy Commissioner said, “I will definitely look into the issue and make sure that the residents don’t face this issue. Strict actions will be taken against public urination.”

It was reported that PMC’s garbage collection vehicle #1155 (MH 12 KP 4705) has been spotted contributing to the problem by disposing of solid waste in the same area.

Garbage disposal and the prohibition of public urination are crucial aspects of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Proper waste management not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings but also mitigates health risks associated with pollution. Additionally, discouraging public urination helps in upholding hygiene standards and prevents the spread of diseases.

It is incumbent upon both authorities and residents to collaborate in safeguarding the environment and adhering to regulations concerning waste disposal and public conduct. Together, we can strive towards a cleaner and more sustainable city for all.

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