Pune : Residents Voice Concerns Over Tree Cutting in Viman Nagar, PMC Refutes Allegations

Pune : Residents Voice Concerns Over Tree Removal in Viman Nagar, PMC Refutes Allegations

Pune : Residents Voice Concerns Over Tree Removal in Viman Nagar, PMC Refutes Allegations

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has addressed concerns regarding the trimming of tree branches on a private property in Viman Nagar. While some citizens speculate that entire trees may have been cut, the PMC clarifies that only hazardous branches were permitted for removal.

Rohan Aaron, an active resident, stated, “The PMC informed us that the tree stood on private property. Permission was granted solely for the removal of hazardous branches. Due to the proximity of a transformer, a crane was utilized for branch removal to prevent any potential damage. Though some allege the absence of a government official during the process, the PMC has not confirmed this. Initial observations suggest only branches were trimmed.”

Resident Raja Subramani commented, “Given its private nature, access to the property was restricted. The owner claims authorization for tree removal. While it appears only branches were cut, a comprehensive assessment requires entry into the property. Nonetheless, the loss of trees is evident.”

Jaideep Baphna, a core member of Pune River Revival, remarked, “Despite the owner’s assertion of permission, nocturnal tree cutting is prohibited. Authorities granting such permissions must adhere to proper tree ratio and counts. Even if trees intrude upon our living spaces, their removal isn’t justifiable. While permission may have been granted, ethically, tree cutting remains unlawful.”

Efforts to contact the property owner during reporting were unsuccessful.

Sandeep Chavan, PMC’s Horticulture Mistry, explained, “A private property lies beyond an electric transformer, where structural cracks have emerged. PMC sanctioned a 6-meter reduction in tree height instead of complete removal. The owner committed to trimming only hazardous branches near the property. Using a crane minimized risks to the transformer, and only 4 to 5 such branches were removed.”

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