Pune : Frequently lying cement debris on footpaths irks Kalyani Nagar residents

Pune : Frequently lying cement debris on footpaths irks Kalyani Nagar residents

Pune : Frequently lying cement debris on footpaths irks Kalyani Nagar residents

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Kalyani Nagar residents say that the persistent issue of cement debris cluttering footpaths in Pune has sparked growing concerns among pedestrians. Despite repeated complaints to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the debris remains unaddressed, posing significant challenges for those navigating the city’s walkways.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Jaffer Iqbal, Resident of Kalyani Nagar, said “Because of contractors or people involved in constructions, renovations of places etc dump the cement debris anywhere as it takes around Rs 1000 for a vehicle to dump the debris & waste. Hence, to avoid this, these people simply throw the debris/waste on footpaths etc. This issue is very much prevalent in Kalyani Nagar.”

Monica S, Resident of Kalyani Nagar, said “Every time I step out onto Pune’s footpaths, it’s like entering a labyrinth of obstacles – and the biggest culprit? Cement debris. It’s more than just an inconvenience; it’s a safety hazard and a blight on our city’s landscape. Despite our best efforts, it seems like a never-ending battle to get the authorities to address this issue. But we won’t give up. We’ll keep raising our voices, demanding action, and advocating for safer sidewalks. Because every trip and stumble is a reminder that our city deserves better. It’s time to turn these footpaths from treacherous trails into inviting avenues, where pedestrians can walk without fear and enjoy the beauty of Pune’s streets.”

As per further information from Kalyani Nagar residents “The constant presence of broken pavements and sidewalks not only creates unsightly conditions but also poses a significant threat to pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. The haphazard disposal of construction waste is a breeding ground for vermin, insects, and other pests, which in turn, spread disease and create unpleasant living conditions. Moreover, the absence of effective waste management practices and the lack of enforcement of regulations governing construction waste disposal are alarming. It is unacceptable that the local authorities have failed to address this issue despite repeated requests and complaints from residents.”

Manohar Mali, Junior Engineer, PMC, said “We had picked up the cement debris. However, people come & throw it again. Rest assured; we will pick it up & dispose of it properly.”

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