Pune: Rising demand for tankers reflects city’s water supply challenges

Pune: Rising demand for tankers reflects city's water supply challenges

Pune: Rising demand for tankers reflects city's water supply challenges ( Representational image )

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The onset of early summer, coupled with expansion in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) limits and poor water supply, has led to a significant surge in demand for tanker trips supplying drinking water within the city. The number of daily tanker trips has risen by 20%, reaching 1,200 in March 2024 compared to around 1,000 in the same month in 2022 and 2023.

As of April 18, the total tanker trips for the month stood at 25,800, indicating a potential increase to over 1,400 trips by the end of April. Residents have reported heightened reliance on tanker water to meet daily needs, with an increase in tanker frequency in various areas.

The PMC water department data reveals a substantial rise in tanker trips from April 2023 to March 2024, recording 4 lakh trips compared to 3.54 lakh in the previous year. Notably, the newly merged areas have witnessed a surge in demand, with locations like Sus, Mahalunge, Undri, and Uruli Devachi experiencing higher tanker trips due to ongoing infrastructure development.

The number of tanker trips in the 34 merged areas has notably increased from 525 per day in 2022 to 748 daily in 2024. Despite these efforts, challenges persist, as evident from residents’ struggles with irregular water supply, especially in areas like Khandvenagar and Khairewadi.

While the data captures the municipal tanker trips for drinking water, it excludes private tanker operators catering to non-drinking purposes like gardening and cleaning. The growing groundwater stress, drying borewells, and erratic supply underscore the pressing need for effective water management strategies in Pune.