Pune: Road Woes Continue At Khadi Machine Chowk Due to Unfinished Resurfacing By PMC

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Commuters navigating near Khadi Machine Chowk in Pune are facing persistent challenges due to the inadequate conditions of the road, which has been dug up and left improperly leveled near Reliance Mart. The ongoing inconvenience not only disrupts daily travel routines but also poses potential risks such as vehicle skidding and accidents.

Residents, including Juzer Poonawala, have voiced their frustrations regarding the prolonged state of disrepair. Poonawala highlighted that despite more than a month passing since the initial road excavation for cable installation near Reliance Mart, there has been no effort to properly level the surface. Consequently, numerous incidents of vehicles skidding and traffic congestions have occurred, raising safety concerns among commuters.

Moreover, Poonawala emphasized the need for attention to the road extending from Khadi Machine Chowk towards Somji Bus Stop, where similar issues persist. The lack of prompt action from authorities following road excavations for cable laying has exacerbated the situation, warranting urgent intervention to ensure commuter safety and smooth traffic flow.

Responding to these concerns, Sahebrao Dandge, Superintendent Engineer of the Road Department at Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), acknowledged the ongoing roadworks, possibly associated with water line installations. Assuring swift action, Dandge pledged to inspect the affected areas promptly and expedite necessary repairs to alleviate commuter hardships.

Renuka Suryavanshi

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