Pune Rural Police Crack Down on 340 Individuals for Driving Under Influence of Alcohol 

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By: Pune Pulse

July 17, 2023

Pune: Pune rural police have taken penal action against 340 people under drink and drive cases from July 14 to July 17.   

Under the guidance of Ankit Goyal, Superintendent of Police, Pune Rural, Mitesh Ghatte, Additional Superintendent of Police, Pune Rural, Anand Bhoite, Additional Superintendent of Police, Baramati Division had ordered to take action against the miscreants who drink alcohol in open and also drink and drive.

Ankit Goyal, Superintendent of Police, Pune Rural Police said, “We have taken strict action against 340 people in the rural areas of Pune. Section 185 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) has been registered against all of them. Now, the case will go to court where the court will decide the suitable punishment. We are regularly conducting drives to take action against miscreants, especially during weekends. We have clear-cut messages for all the people. Please do not drink and drive your vehicles as, by doing so, you are not only risking your life but also risking the lives of others. If you are caught, then strict action will be taken against you. People shouldn’t think that just because they are driving through the rural area, they won’t get caught. We are patrolling every day to curb such cases in the entire district.”

Shreyas Vange