Minor Accident : Oil Spillage Causes Slippery Conditions at Jagtap Dairy Chowk, Leading to Bike Accidents

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On July 17th, an unfortunate incident occurred at Jagtap Dairy Chowk, where several two-wheelers slipped and fell due to oil spillage on the grade separator.

According to Ashish Sapkal, Fireman at the PCMC Fire Department, the oil leakage was detected around noon. The slippery surface caused multiple two-wheelers to lose traction, resulting in accidents. Fortunately, there were no casualties reported. Upon arrival at the scene, it was observed that mud had also accumulated along with the oil. Prompt action was taken, and the entire area was thoroughly cleaned by 2 pm. The affected area is now free of oil and mud, and normal traffic flow has been restored without any damage caused.

Nana Kate, Former Corporator of Pimple Saudagar, provided additional information, stating that along with the oil spill, the presence of saturated mud further contributed to the accidents. A woman was injured when her vehicle slipped during the incident. Quick-thinking citizens promptly took her to a nearby hospital, where she received necessary medical treatment and is currently in a stable condition.

Authorities remain vigilant to prevent such incidents in the future and ensure the safety of commuters passing through Jagtap Dairy Chowk.

Shreyas Vange

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