Pune: Sewage Water Woes at Kalyani Nagar Joggers’ Park

Pune: Sewage Water Woes at Kalyani Nagar Joggers’ Park

Pune: Sewage Water Woes at Kalyani Nagar Joggers’ Park

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For 3 consecutive days the entrance of Kalyani Nagar Joggers’ Park has been logged with sewage water.

6 June 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari 

The residents of Kalyani Nagar are raising alarm over a serious civic issue that has emerged in their community. Over the past few days, the entrance of Kalyani Nagar Joggers’ park has been infested with sewage water. 

A group of residents called Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar (TSKN) has complained numerous times via different platforms. The authorities have still not taken sufficient corrective action in spite of these efforts. To address the problem, TSKN and the community are calling for quick action.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Advocate Aarti Sonagra highlighted how the workers at the Joggers’ park had to suffer due to the contaminated water and said, “The workers there had all gotten really bad rashes after being exposed to the filthy water, this is a recurring issue, many-a-times, I have only gone down there to provide remedies.” 

Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar or TSKN had written a letter to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) as an appeal to the civic body and concerned officials to address the issues. It highlighted pertinent hurdles and stated that, “This frequent waterlogging is causing extreme difficulty for residents, especially senior citizens, to cross over in order to enter or exit Joggers Park. A constant fear of slipping or falling down while crossing over is thus putting the safety and health of the Kalyani Nagar residents at risk.”

The Chairperson of the Team TSKN Rachna Aggarwal emphasised the need to restore a cleaner, greener and healthier environment for everyone in the area and urged the authorities to take prompt and decisive actions to mitigate threats to the health of the residents. 

As per sources, an inspection was conducted at the park by concerned PMC officials around noon. Runali Gardi, junior engineer, PMC Nagaroad, visited the site and told Pune Pulse, “We visited the site, there is work to be done by the main road department and the drainage line is also damaged there, we are trying our best to resolve the issue.”  

There are multiple risks to the public’s health from the overflowing sewage water. Gastrointestinal issues, skin infections, allergies and vector-borne illnesses including dengue fever and malaria are major problems. Stagnant pools of untreated waste water provide a haven for mosquitoes and other rodents, raising the danger of infectious diseases. Persistent exposure to contaminated water can also degrade the composition of the soil, jeopardise the structural stability of neighbouring properties, and contaminate groundwater supplies that are necessary for residential use.