Pune: Silent March Held By Blue Ridge Township Residents In Hinjawadi To Save Mula River 

Pune: Silent March Held By Blue Ridge Township Residents In Hinjawadi To Save Mula River 

Pune: Silent March Held By Blue Ridge Township Residents In Hinjawadi To Save Mula River 

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20 April, 2024,

Hundreds of residents of Blueridge township, located on the banks of Mula river in Hinjawadi, participated in silent march praying for the wellbeing of Mula river. 

Mula river is the only source of drinking water for around 15000 residents. When township was built in 2010, river water was very clean. Over the years, the pollution in Mula river has now raised to alarming levels. This year hyacinth is growing at rapid pace. In February red blood warms were noticed in the taps of the residents of Blue Ridge township. Hence the concerned Residents had a 3kms silent march from their township upto the Mula river check dam. Citizens formed MULA shape along the river bank as a prayer for its wellbeing. 

Ravindra Sinha, ground water expert from Mission Groundwater explained about the catchment area as well as the upstream region of river Mula. Water scarcity as well as water quality are both major issues in the Hinjawadi suburb. Similarly voice needs to be raised against sand mining from the river as well as debris being dumped on the river bank. Hence he urged on the need of a federation of the Hinjawadi resident societies to be formed to take up all this issues forward. He also explained the need to go for rain water harvesting as well as utilise more efficiently the ground water by identifying the source of stream flows in the society. 

Santosh Lalwani from Pune River Revival mentioned the need of a detailed research study to identify the source of contamination in the river. A comprehensive approach will be required so as to get a complete solution. The citizens get attracted by the different man made amenities like community hall, gymnasium, parks, walking / jogging tracks, swimming pool, golf club and so on while choosing a society where to live. At the same time we very easily tend to neglect the natural amenities like hills, river, trees and forests which are responsible for the very basic needs like clean air and clean water Lalwani added. 

Kids created beautiful paintings and slogans. Trees of local variety Nimb, Babul were planted along the river side.

Citizen took pledge to adopt environmental friendly toxic free lifestyle so less chemicals are released in the river. Many citizens pledged to do tree plantation and watering during summer.

Akash Bokade, Vijay Patil, Dr Nisha Arora, Ankit Shukla, Namrata Naik, Dr Sangita Roychaudhuri, Kapil Muley, Ayush Dubey, Kamal P, Rachana Niranjan and many more volunteered for the success of the event.