Pune : Temporary Traffic Changes in Sancheti Underpass As Metro Work Damages Pipeline

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The Pune Traffic Police have implemented temporary traffic changes in the Sancheti Underpass area under the Shivajinagar Traffic Division due to the repair work of a burst rain pipeline in front of Shivajinagar Court. These measures have been put in place to ensure the safety and smooth flow of vehicular traffic during the repair process.

As part of the ongoing metro work between Shimla Office Chowk and Shivajinagar Court under the Shivajinagar Transport Department, the rain pipeline in the Sancheti Underpass area suffered a burst. In order to facilitate the repair work and ensure the completion of monsoon pipe line work, temporary adjustments to the traffic flow have been implemented in advance.

Vijay Kumar Magar, DCP Traffic Pune City, has invoked Sections 115, 116(1) (a) (b), 116(4), and 117 of the Motor Vehicles Act to enforce the following changes in the Sancheti Underpass area:

From 3rd July until further notice, traffic heading to Shivaji Nagar Court from the Sancheti Underpass has been temporarily stopped. To reach the desired destination, motorists are advised to follow the alternative routes outlined below:

A) From Sancheti Chowk, proceed towards Engineering College Chowk, R. T. O. Chowk, and then continue to the desired destination. B) From Sancheti Chowk, make a right turn towards S. Go. Barve Chowk, and then proceed from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue Chowk to reach the desired destination.

These temporary traffic changes have been implemented to minimize inconvenience to commuters and ensure their safety during the repair work. The Pune Traffic Police urge all motorists to follow the designated alternative routes and cooperate with the authorities to maintain a smooth traffic flow in the affected area.

Motorists are advised to stay updated on any further announcements or changes regarding the traffic arrangements in the Sancheti Underpass area. The Pune Traffic Police will monitor the situation closely and make necessary adjustments as the repair work progresses.

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