Pune Traffic : IIT Mumbai to study causes of traffic congestion in Pune city

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Pune: Pune has ranked seventh to have traffic congestion in the country, whereas, it has been recently ranked 20th on the list of cities with the slowest traffic speed. The increasing traffic congestion in Pune has prompted the state government to seek help of IIT Mumbai to study the causes of congestion. 0

Despite the belief that the increasing number of vehicles leads to traffic jams and slows down traffic, it has been revealed that bad roads and lack of infrastructure are the primary causes. 

Harshad Abhyankar, Save Pune Traffic Movement (SPTM) member, said, “In 2008, a plan of compressive mobility was being made, which had received approval in 2010 at Pune Municipal Corporation. The plan aimed to promote the use of public transport, cycles, avoid promoting the use of private vehicles by making different projects such as flyovers, and make free parking unavailable, which would eventually reduce private vehicles on roads. However, the plan has not yet been implemented.

Abhyankar added that although flyovers were being constructed to avoid traffic congestion, it promotes private vehicles on roads. There is a need to have more public transport to address this issue.”

With IIT Mumbai now studying the traffic congestion in Pune, citizens hope that the study will provide different solutions to the problem. However, Abhyankar believes that there is already a plan that needs to come into effect.

He said, “Therefore, although the IIT Mumbai will be studying about Pune Traffic, they may not provide different solutions. We already have a plan that needs to come into effect. As it’s been over 10 years that the plan was approved.”

Mrunal Jadhav