Pune Traffic Management: Police Unveil Comprehensive Strategy for Long-term Solutions

Pune Traffic Management: Police Unveil Comprehensive Strategy for Long-term Solutions

Pune Traffic Management: Police Unveil Comprehensive Strategy for Long-term Solutions ( Representational Image )

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Amid mounting concerns over traffic congestion in Pune city, the Pune Police have introduced a comprehensive “master plan” aimed at mitigating immediate challenges while laying the groundwork for sustainable solutions over the next two decades. 

Spearheaded by Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, the initiative entails a multifaceted approach encompassing strategic planning, technology integration, and enhanced enforcement measures.

The initiative was unveiled following a strategic meeting convened at the Police Commissionerate, bringing together key stakeholders including the Collector, Municipal Commissioner, Metro, PMRDA, and Smart City authorities. In response to a petition filed in the High Court highlighting traffic woes, the police have submitted an affidavit outlining measures to address the issue, focusing on the removal of traffic bottlenecks, adherence to Indian Road Congress (IRC) standards in infrastructure development, and targeted interventions to alleviate congestion hotspots.

Immediate steps include restrictions on heavy vehicle movement within the city, identification, and enhancement of traffic-prone areas, and the implementation of urgent measures to tackle congestion. 

Under the supervision of Additional Commissioner of Police Manoj Patil and Deputy Commissioner of Police Rohidas Pawar, 15 major roads and intersections have been prioritized for improvement in the initial phase.

Moreover, a comprehensive training program is underway for all police officers, staff, and traffic wardens, aimed at enhancing regulatory capabilities and promoting traffic discipline. 

Leveraging technology, the police plan to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to optimize traffic flow across the city’s major intersections, with advanced signal systems incorporating laser and radar technology to dynamically adjust signal timings based on real-time traffic conditions.

To strengthen enforcement measures, CCTV surveillance will be utilized to monitor traffic violations, with a focus on offenses such as triple riding, wrong-way driving, and failure to comply with safety regulations. Additionally, efforts to address parking issues include stringent action against the misuse of parking spaces for commercial purposes under the ‘MRTP’ Act.

The unveiling of this comprehensive strategy underscores the Pune Police’s commitment to addressing the city’s traffic challenges holistically, with a blend of strategic planning, technological innovation, and robust enforcement measures aimed at enhancing overall traffic management and road safety.

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