Pune traffic police issues 732 warrants against traffic violators

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By: Pune Pulse

July 22, 2023

Pune: The Pune Traffic Police has issued 732 warrants against traffic violators in a move to curb traffic violations.

As per information, after violation of traffic rules by commuters, under the Motor Vehicle Act since 2020, cases were registered against the vehicle owners who failed to appear in court. Pursuant to the said filed cases, the court had already informed the concerned violators from time to time through the legal process. However, till now, the vehicle owners have not accepted their crime in the traffic department or in court. Such cases are pending in the court in large numbers. Hence, the court has issued arrest warrants against such vehicle owners. 

The traffic department has currently received 732 such warrants from the court in the first phase. The concerned vehicle owner has been given a period of 8 days making it mandatory for them to appear in the court. Otherwise, the police department will arrest the relevant person through an arrest warrant.

The traffic police department has appealed to the concerned vehicle owners to accept their crime in court immediately so that further legal action/arrest against them can be avoided.

Shreyas Vange