Pune : Trek To Harishchandragad Turns Fatal : Trekker dies due to dense fog

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PUNE: Tragedy struck when a tourist’s trekking expedition turned fatal due to severe weather conditions on Harishchandragad. Anil, known as Balu Natharao Gite (35) from Jalna, Pune, lost his life as he became disoriented in thick fog and succumbed to the cold.

Harishchandragad, blanketed in lush greenery from heavy rainfall, has attracted numerous adventure enthusiasts. Among them were six tourists hailing from Jalna district, namely Anil alias Balu Natharao Gite, Anil Mohan Ambekar, Govind Dattatrya Ambekar, Tukaram Asaram Tipale, Mahadu Jagan Bhutekar, and Hariom Vitthal Borude. On Tuesday, August 1, they embarked on a trek to Harishchandra Fort from Tolarkhindi. However, the group found themselves disoriented and stranded in the dense fog, grappling with plummeting temperatures.

Tragedy struck the next morning when Anil, also known as Balu Natharao Gite, passed away around 10 am due to the combined ill effects of rain and freezing cold. Concerned tourists attempted to reach out to local authorities and the wildlife department for assistance. Forest Range Officials from the Wildlife Department, aided by villagers, eventually located Anil Natharao Gite’s body amidst challenging weather conditions. The body was transported from Harishchandragad to Pachanai village, battling through thick fog and heavy rain. Subsequently, the body was transferred to Rajur Rural Hospital for a post-mortem examination later in the day. Rajur police has filed an FIR regarding the sudden demise.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of weather conditions and the need for trekkers to prioritize safety and preparedness while exploring such terrains.

Madhupriya Dhanwate