Pune News : Bikers meet with accident due to overgrown branches on Anandpur Trust road off NIBM road

Pune Pulse
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Over the past few weeks, a series of accidents involving bikers have occurred on the Ashwini Classic and Nivedita Garden society stretch of the Anandpur Charitable Trust road, attributed to the presence of overgrown branches.

The secretary of a society situated along this lane revealed to Pune Pulse that the tree branches have drooped to a level where they become virtually invisible to bikers, particularly during the darkness of night. Compounded by the isolated nature of the area and the high speeds at which bikers traverse, these conditions have contributed to multiple accidents along this stretch.

The situation took a turn today, as concerned residents took action. Upon receiving complaints, former corporator Tanaji Lonkar promptly mobilized Fire Brigade officials to the scene, who efficiently cleared away the obstructing branches.

Providing insight into the incident, Tanaji Lonkar stated, “We successfully removed the overgrown branches with the assistance of the Fire Brigade. Additionally, I have notified the garden department to undertake further trimming of the branches.”

The immediate response to this hazardous situation underlines the importance of prompt and coordinated efforts to ensure the safety of road users and prevent potential accidents arising from such obstructions.

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