High Court Rejects Plea Challenging Mahalunge-Maan Town Planning Scheme; Development Set to Expedite

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In 2017, the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) unveiled plans for a town planning scheme spanning 250.50 hectares in Mahalunge-Man. A recent adjustment to the scheme was made due to a discrepancy in the flood line markings on the town plan.

Meanwhile, Chandrakant Kolekar and 54 fellow landowners, participants in the Town Planning Scheme, lodged a High Court petition against the Maharashtra government and the authority. They sought compensation for land acquisition under the 2013 Act, among other issues, and aimed to annul the town planning scheme. The High Court’s September 19, 2022 order dictated that land possession within a town planning scheme area necessitates court approval.

After assessing hearings, PMRDA’s affidavits, and relevant legal provisions, the High Court issued a verdict on August 2, 2023, dismissing the petition. Despite the delay caused by the petition, the scheme’s progress will now accelerate. Successful collaboration between landowners and the authority can facilitate swift plot-wise demarcation and on-site stone plantation. This collaborative effort promises a streamlined implementation of the town planning scheme.

Madhupriya Dhanwate