Pune: Two Hoardings Demolished As PMC Targets Unsafe Structures in Wanowrie

Pune: Two Hoardings Demolished As PMC Targets Unsafe Structures in Wanowrie

Pune: Two Hoardings Demolished As PMC Targets Unsafe Structures in Wanowrie

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Residents advocate for safety following structural audit findings.

22 May 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

In the wake of increasing concerns over the safety of unauthorised and dangerous hoardings, action has been initiated by the authorities in the Wanowrie area of Pune. Recently, two hoardings were demolished by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), following a structural audit of 73 hoarding sites in the area. This audit, conducted under the Wanawadi Ramtekdi Zonal Office, highlighted the precarious condition of many hoardings, necessitating immediate action.

The Shivarkar Road and Samvidhan chowk areas are particularly affected, with a significant number of commercial, residential and shop hoardings lining the streets. Despite regulations stipulating that hoardings should not exceed a height of 40 feet from the ground, several in Wanowrie, especially along Fatimanagar Chowk, Jambhulkar Chowk and Jagtap Chowk, Solapur road, have been erected beyond permissible limits.

Of the 73 hoardings audited, permission for 8 new hoardings has been granted in the past few days, while action has been taken against 2. However, the total number of legal and illegal hoardings remains unclear. This ambiguity underscores the need for a comprehensive review to ensure public safety.

Maithili Manakwad, a Wanowrie-based civic rights activist, talked about the issue and stated, “These hoardings are illegal, there is no clear statement from officials even though it is the PMC’s responsibility to look after these hoardings. They should not put such big hoardings, especially around crowded places. The hoarding size is too big and can be dangerous especially during monsoon season. After the Mumbai accident where so many people lost their lives, we cannot just wait around for another accident to happen. The authorities must be strict with their policies and regulations.”

Balasaheb Patil, PMC Ward Officer of Wanowrie Hadapsar area, in response to the statement, said that, “We are aware of the issues arising from the hoardings in Wanowrie. We are making efforts to address the problem in response to residents’ complaints. However, it is not a simple task as we must adhere to PMC procedures.”