Pune : Undri Citizens Unite to Plant Trees for a Greener Future”

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The residents of Mohamadwadi and Undri united for their annual tree plantation activity to increase the green cover in the area, in their own Miyawaki Forest. 

The residents of Nyati Windchimes, Nyati Chesterfield, Nyati Esteban, Nyati Estate came together to plant saplings on June 17. 

Sunil Aiyer, a resident of Nyati Chesterfield said, “A lot of enthusiasts participated in greening our area. The initiative is the brainchild of Shayam Khante, Kaushal Gupta, Commander Sanjeev Nayyar and myself. Each of us needs to give back to Mother Earth without who’s blessings we would all be in absolute distress. A barren rocky terrain has been transformed into a Miyawaki Forest through the efforts of all residents of our area.”