Pune Voter Outraged Over Missing BJP ‘Lotus’ Symbol on EVM at Dhayari Polling Station

Pune Voter Outraged Over Missing BJP 'Lotus' Symbol on EVM at Dhayari Polling Station

Pune Voter Outraged Over Missing BJP 'Lotus' Symbol on EVM at Dhayari Polling Station

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Pune : 07 May 2024, A video featuring Vishnu Patil, a resident of Dhayari and dismayed grandfather, has surfaced online showing his frustration over the absence of the BJP’s ‘Lotus’ symbol on the electronic voting machine during the polling at Kaka Chavan School in Dhayari, Pune. Patil was keen to cast his vote for the BJP but was perplexed and upset by the missing symbol. The election pits Supriya Sule of the Mahavikas Aghadi against Sunetra Pawar of the NCP, representing the Grand Alliance (symbol – Clock).

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The polling day in Dhayari, which is part of the Baramati constituency, saw a significant turnout. Local schools, equipped with sufficient volunteers and well-managed facilities, served as polling stations. Despite efficient arrangements, the influx of voters led to traffic congestion and some instances of irresponsible driving, particularly noticeable at DSK Chowk and Raykar Mala.

While some voters reported being able to cast their votes within five minutes, others faced long queues, necessitating police intervention to maintain order. Essentials like drinking water, medical supplies, and restroom facilities were strategically placed to accommodate the needs of the voters.

Additional voting assistance booths were set up along roadsides by the Indian Election Commission to facilitate the distribution of voting slips, aiding voters in the process. However, the lack of traffic signals and clear traffic regulations contributed to the congestion, with many vehicles parked haphazardly along the roads.

A college student voting for the first time, expressed her satisfaction with the arrangements: “This was my first time voting, and I was well-prepared. I’m amazed at how challenging it must be to plan and execute such an event at the local level in a country as diverse as ours. The government employees and police were very helpful and cooperative. I appreciated that senior citizens were given priority and did not have to wait in line. The installation of VVPAT machines, in my opinion, enhanced the credibility of the process. I’m glad I did my part for the nation.”

Despite some challenges, the overall sentiment among first time voters was positive, highlighting the efforts to make the voting process efficient and accessible.

Dnyanada Sagare