Pune Weather Update: Temperature may reach 40°C in the next few days 

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Pune Weather Update: Temperature may reach 40°C in the next few days 

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According to weather forecasts on Thursday, most of the state is likely to have a hot Holi, with a good chance that daytime highs will reach the 39–40°C range in the coming days.

According to the most recent data from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the state’s interior cities like Pune, Nashik, and Jalgaon are next in line, while the coastal regions like Santacruz in Mumbai have already begun to heat up.

Santacruz recorded a high daytime temperature of 38.7°C on Wednesday. It reached 38.8°C on Thursday, a further increase. With its closeness to the sea, this is out of the ordinary for a coastal location.

According to an IMD official, the sea breeze causes temperatures in coastal regions to be generally more moderate than in inland areas. On the other hand, Santacruz recorded a maximum temperature that day that was higher than many interior Maharashtra regions.

In many regions of Maharashtra, the daily temperatures are trending upward. The highest temperature on Thursday was 37.2°C in Shivajinagar, 38.9°C in Lavale, 38.1°C in Chinchwad, 36.2°C in Lohegaon, and 36.9°C in Pashan.

The IMD official stated that due to the formation of an anti-cyclonic circulation, which causes air subsidence over the region, maximum temperatures are expected to increase by 2-4°C in some areas of Maharashtra. The daytime temperature rises when this subsidence takes place.

A large-scale weather system characterized by a high-pressure area is called an anti-cyclonic circulation. Higher altitude air descends or subsides as a result of this circulation. The air compresses and warms as it descends because of the increased atmospheric pressure brought on by the air layers above it. In certain areas of Maharashtra, such as Shivajinagar, the anti-cyclonic circulation pattern and the resulting air subsidence are to blame for the increase in daytime temperatures.

Over the next few days, IMD predicted that daytime temperatures would rise throughout Maharashtra, including in Pune, where the maximum may reach 39°C. The sky conditions that will allow more solar radiation to penetrate and reduce cloud cover, which typically offers relief from the heat, are also likely to be contributing factors to the gradual 2-4°C rise in temperatures over Maharashtra and Central India over the next four to five days.

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