Pune’s Men’s rights activists hold hunger strike against marital rape PIL

Pune Pulse - Save Indian Family Foundation
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The members of Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), a men’s rights group, has launched a nationwide hunger strike to protest against the filing of a PIL in the Supreme Court of India seeking to criminalize marital rape. The hunger strike began on 25 February 2023 at Freedom Park in Bangalore.

Male activists of SIFF are holding a fast in Pune on March 25 and 26 at Ambedkar Statue, near Collectorate in Pune, to raise awareness and protest against what they describe as fake marital rape cases. The group has also organized a ‘worship’ of Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Tesla, who they refer to as a ‘destroyer of woke culture’ and a ‘feminist-evictor.’

According to SIFF, the Supreme Court’s attempt to make laws that are against democracy is a cause for concern. The group claims that laws should be tabled in Parliament, debated, consulted, and made fair. SIFF alleges that the PIL filed by feminist NGOs is an attempt to criminalize men and that it will harm family values and the sanctity of marriage.

SIFF claims that approximately 400,000 young women are forced into marriage in India every year, and that these women are often threatened or blackmailed into marrying against their will. The group is calling for strict laws against forced marriage in India to help curb the issue of marital rape.

The hunger strike by SIFF has sparked controversy, with some arguing that it is an attempt to silence the voices of women who have been victims of marital rape. Others have criticized the group’s focus on men’s rights, arguing that it ignores the larger issue of gender inequality in India.

The hunger strike and protests by SIFF are likely to continue to generate controversy and spark debate about the issue of marital rape and gender inequality in India.

Demands made by SIFF :  

80% of rape or dowry harassment cases are false and should be solved in the police station itself. There is an urgent need to enact laws against forced marriage for the safety of women to prevent sexual violence in marriages

The Supreme Court of India should stop the unconstitutional act of making new laws. P marital rape must be rejected.

All laws should be made equal without discrimination between men and women. Courts should protect male victims of domestic violence.

False complaints uncovered during police investigation are not recorded in the police station, hence statistics of such complaints are not available. Every police station is required to display this data. It is necessary and should be mandatory to investigate such complaints

Lawyers and police officers who curb false cases need to be felicitated

At the same time, there should be a provision for penal action against those who promote the culture of false cases. • A mental health support system needs to be created in every court to deal with the deteriorating mental health of people facing cases in the courts. Legal services authorities need to be funded to start these mental health screening and counselling services, – Jaidutt Sharma, Spokesperson of Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF).

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