Pune’s unparalleled Diwali Declutter continues with SWaCH

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75 tons of old belongings put to reuse in a month

In the third year of the SWaCH V Collect: Diwali Declutter program Punekars diverted around 75 tons of reusables from landfills with Pune Municipal Corporation and SWaCH, strengthening the culture of Reuse and Recycling in the city.

Encouraging the joint efforts of Citizens, PMC and SWaCH to establish the Reuse and Recycling culture in Pune, the Diwali Declutter edition of SWaH V Collect marked its consecutive successful third year. The program helps citizens with decluttering practised traditionally as a precursor to Diwali celebrations. Like every year, Pune began an environmentally conscious and socially inclusive Diwali with V Collect.

In October, almost 75 tons of reusable belongings were diverted from ending up in landfills. 40 tons of old clothes, 9 tons of E-Waste and 26 tons of other belongings like toys, bags, books, and footwear were collected in a period of one month.

For more information, contact Amogh Bhongale 7507504212,
Mukta Athawale 7030902010