QR codes fixed on 1000 trees in Empress Botanical Garden in Pune

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The popular Empress Botanical Garden located off Solapur Road has added another feather in its cap by setting up QR codes on each tree. These QR codes will give information about the trees by just scanning the QR code through your mobile phone. Garden has several known as well as many extinct trees and creepers of which not many know the information.

This is an attempt to educate visitors about the trees. The QR based system has been invented by Dr Shrinath Kawade, environmentalist, alongwith G S S College, Belgaum college professor Dr Pravin Patil which is linked to the Empress Garden website wherein the informationis stored. Over 1000 trees have been QR tagged in the garden now.

Suresh Pingale, secretary, The Agri Horticultural Society of Western India said, “The QR code will show scientific and common names of the trees and its information in English as well as Marathi. The project is unique and also east to understand for many to know about the trees. It is probably for the first time that such an initiative is being taken to educate people about trees.”

The initiative will be launched on January 25 during the Empress Garden Flower Show at 12.30 PM.


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