Revive Daund Railway Junction : Pune Gramin Railway Pravasi Group Calls For Urgent Attention To Neglected Hub 

Revive Daund Railway Junction : Pune Gramin Railway Pravasi Group Calls For Urgent Attention To Neglected Hub

Revive Daund Railway Junction : Pune Gramin Railway Pravasi Group Calls For Urgent Attention To Neglected Hub

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Daund is a major railway junction that plays a crucial role in connecting the north and south parts of India. More than a hundred years have passed since this railway junction is in service. Why have the Railways left nearly one hundred to one hundred and fifty acres of vacant land in the possession of the Railway Administration here for so many years ?These questions are raised by the Pune Gramin Railway Pravasi Group. 

If the railway administration had introduced various railway projects in this area, many youths would have got employment. This would have also had a positive effect on the market of the Daund city. However, the railway administration has left this place abandoned without doing so.

The railway administration is responsible for the fact that the railways are not getting revenue. The railway administration has not started the Suburban EMU Local service even after electrification of Daund-Pune, But work has been done to keep the thugs hanging. 

No political leader of any party is paying attention to this question. Because of this, Daundkars have to travel by DEMU/MEMU every day to go to Pune. However, the reason why the mujor railway administration is keeping the issue pending even after more than eight years of tenure is in the bouquet.

Daund-Pune commuters have decided to boycott the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, yet no MP and the interested candidates are not ready to speak on the issue. Daund railway junction has almost lost its importance due to the arbitrariness of the railway administration. Many stops of long distance trains have been withdrawn for this station. The once bustling and crowded railway junction is now deserted. In this railway station, stray dogs and animals roam freely and there are few trains in the station, their halt time is also reduced. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the railway administration is losing the importance of Daund railway station at a very slow pace.

Demands by the Citizen of Daund :

1. One-fifty acre Land of Railway Administration should be utilised for various projects such as Railway workshops, coaching depot, carshed, etc in purpose to make employment to resident youths.

2. Establishing Suburban section status for Pune-Daund railway line as well as starting the operations of Suburban EMU local between Pune-Daund.

3. Extension of Pune suburban rail network up to Daund railway junction.

4. Constructing the independent EMU Carshed for Pune suburban local rake maintenance.

5. Provision of Commercial halt for trains like Pune-Secunderabad-Pune Shatabdi Express, Mumbai-Solapur-Mumbai Vande Bharat SF Express, Yeshwantpur bound and Mumbai LTT bound express trains at Daund railway junction.

6. Originating mail express trains from Daund railway junction instead of Pune railway junction to reduce traffic and congestion on Pune station which are moving from Pune towards North and East india.

7. Extending Mumbai bound Intercity,Deccan,Pragati,Indrayani express train up to Daund railway junction.

8. Increasing the Local trips between Pune-Daund section. 

“As the Daund Railway Junction is equivalent to Pune Railway Station and with effect from 1st April 2024 Daund Railway Junction will be operated by Pune Railway Division so there is a demand to utilise Daund Railway Junction to decongest traffic and crowds of Pune Railway Station. Various high standards facilities for Passengers such as AC waiting room, lifts, escalator, huge parking lot, Rake maintenance and washing area can be provided at Daund so administration should utilise this junction,” informed Pune Gramin Railway Pravasi Group. 

“The Pune metropolitan zone has been extended up to Varvand and also Pune city buses (PMPML) are having frequent trips between Pune to Varvand. Then why the railway administration isn’t approving the Suburban zone for Pune-Daund railway section is the biggest question in upcoming days PMPML City buses will be extended up to Daund city still Pune Suburban Local has not extended up to Daund Junction. The Railway board should notify Daund as a Suburban Station and should operate the Suburban EMU Local service here, said ” Akshay Tekawade, SCC Member, Pune Railway Division

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