Rotary Club of Pune Cantonment holds Anand Mela

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The Rotary Club of Pune Cantonment conducted the yearly “ANAND MELA” event, dedicated for the “specially abled” children from different schools.

Club president Moiz Chakkiwala present for the event, mentioned that this signature event was being conducted since the past 30 years and was very soul pleasingly dear to all the Rotarians in their club. 

The event involved an almost full day of games, activities, fun, dance and entertainment with a sumptuous lunch and refreshments. 

11 schools with 213 children and 70 dedicated teachers participated in the event. It was very well attended by not only the Rotarians but also many youngsters from the Rotaract Club. The event was held at Nana Nani Park, Empress Garden, off Solapur road.