Same Rate As Real Silver : Dosa Sold For Rs 600 At Mumbai Airport shocks netizens

masala dosa

Same Rate As Real Silver : Dosa Sold For ₹ 600 At Mumbai Airport shocks netizens

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An internet video that shows the price of a masala dosa at the Mumbai airport is going viral. Even frequent travelers find it appalling to spend Rs 600 only on a masala dosa, despite the fact that food items at airports are typically sold at a premium rate.

As per further information, the video has surfaced on an Instagram handle “chefdonindia” with a caption “Gold cheaper than dosa at Mumbai Airport. Only Rs 600.”

In this clip, the camera pans in the direction of the restaurant’s digital menu display. A benne khali dosa will cost the customer Rs 620, while a basic masala dosa with buttermilk will cost them Rs 600. If a customer wants to have lassi or filter coffee with their dosa, the cost increases even more.

The video also depicts the preparation of dosa with a masala stuffing that many have referred to as “dry.” On Instagram, it has received hundreds of comments in addition to more than 9 million views.

Most people were shocked when they learned how much one dosa costs at the Mumbai Airport. Some believed that the dosa’s pricey cost was not justified by its appearance or flavour.

Shreyas Vange