Satara jail becomes first in India where inmates received E-shram and Ayushman Bharat Card

Satara jail becomes first in India where inmates received E-shram and Ayushman Bharat Card

Satara jail becomes first in India where inmates received E-shram and Ayushman Bharat Card

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Various programs and camps were planned recently in Satara District Jail through Samata Foundation Mumbai. On the occasion of the said program and inauguration, Amitabh Gupta, Additional Director General of Police, Prisons Department visited and inaugurated various programs and also distributed Ayushman Bharat Card and e-Shram Card. Satara District Superintendent of Police Sameer Shaikh and Jail Superintendent Shamkant Shedge, Samata Foundation team and other officials were also present on this occasion.

As per further information, here are some of the activities & schemes started for Satara District Jail:

·        Online interview room

Video conferencing and e-interview facility has been started all over Maharashtra to enable inmates in jails to talk to their families easily with the concept of Amitabh Gupta, Additional Director General of Police, Prisons Department.

As a part of the same, Gupta inaugurated an e-interview room to enable the inmates of the Satara District Jail to communicate with their relatives directly through video conferencing. Two laptops have been provided in the said room for e-interview. In which the relatives of the convicts can connect through an online link and can directly interact with and view the convicts through video calling system. Also, two video conferencing units have been made available for physical appearance in court.

·        Ayushman Bharat Card

A total of 71 convicts have been issued Ayushman Bharat cards in the Satara District Jail, so they and their families can get free treatment for diseases up to a total of Rs 5 lakh after release from prison.

·        E-Shram Card

E-Shram Card of Jail inmates has also been removed. A total of 10 prisoners in Satara jail have been issued E-Shram cards today. With this card, a jail detainee will get an insurance discount of up to 1 lakh in case of an accident at work while working in the private sector after his release from jail. Also, in case of accidental death, the family can get help up to 2 lakh through this card.

·        Skin Checkup Camp

There are total 330 inmates in Satara District Jail and skin check-up of these inmates is required. In this regard, Satara Jail Superintendent contacted Samata Foundation President Purushottam Agarwal and requested to conduct such skin camp. In accordance with the same, today a skin camp was conducted in the prison and all the prisoners in the prison were inspected. Additional Director General of Police Amitabh Gupta inaugurated this inspection camp. In this, a total of 24 bans were treated free of charge according to the diagnosis of vitiligo. Doctors Vijay Sutar and Kavita Sutar examined and treated the patients.

·        Eye Check-up Camp

Elderly inmates in prisons often have eye problems. For this also an eye checkup camp was conducted in the jail on behalf of Samata Foundation. In this, a total of 34 prisoners were given proper medical treatment after checking up the inmates in the prison. After this check-up, free spectacles will also be distributed to the bans who have got spectacles. Doctor Nikita Deshmukh examined and treated the patients for the said eye camp.

·        Distribution of Bhajan material

Through Samata Foundation Mumbai, various bhajan materials were gifted to the inmates for the entertainment of the inmates in the jails as well as for devotional music, bhajans and kirtans. In this, materials like mrudang, peti, tabla etc were given as gifts.

·        Distribution of sports materials

Various sports materials were distributed by Samata Foundation in order to discourage the inmates from crime and to stop discussing and thinking about crimes continuously and spend their time in sports. In this, materials of various games like carrom, volleyball, chess were given to the inmates.

·        Sanitary Napkin for Female Prisoners

Many female prisoners are locked up in this jail for various crimes. Their health is also taken care of by regular medical checkups such as skin camp, eye camp, etc. Sanitary Napkin was donated by Samata Foundation for Women inmates in Jails.

Additional Director General of Police and Inspector General of Maharashtra Prisons Department Amitabh Gupta has provided various schemes, services, facilities and concessions for the prisoners since his debut in the Prisons Department. In this, many facilities have been provided to the inmates in the prisons such as spending ten thousand rupees per month on themselves, direct communication with relatives through video conferencing and e-interview, providing mattress facilities for the inmates to sleep on. This creates a good feeling in the minds of the prisoners that there will be no delay in the real reformation and rehabilitation of the prisons.

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